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  • What is ChancenNutzer?

    A support program for young Entrepreneurs: ChancenNutzer offers young adults with a migration background space, qualification, contacts and coaching on their endeavour to become self-employed and to found their own business. ChancenNutzer is Germany-wide the first high quality, inclusive offer that accompanies young adults with a migration background to become self-employed as well as actively and holistically supports the development of individual new perspectives.

  • What can ChancenNutzer offer you?

    • Support on the way to self-employment – from the idea creation until the successful start
    • A great workplace in our co-working space in the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt – free of charge
    • You profit from our huge Community which consists of current and former participants that can help answer important questions you might have
    • During our 8-months scholarship you will receive coaching sessions, workshops and specialist counselling from experienced counselors and coaches
    • We support you in all the areas that are important during founding process: Business model and concept development, Basics in Financing, Basics in law and taxes, Institutional Knowledge, Entrepreneurial Skills
    • These services are sponsored by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation – a participation at the program is therefor free of charge

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  • Who can apply for ChancenNutzer?

    • Migrants as well as people with migration background until 30 y.o. from the Rhein-Main region
    • Refugees with level C1 in German

    What should you bring to the table?

    • An interest in an encompassing support on your way to self-employment
    • The whish to become self-employed or to found your own company
    • We will gladly answer any questions you might have. Contact us via E-Mail, Phone or in Person in the Social Impact Lab Frankfurt.

  • Where can I find ChancenNutzer?

ChancenNutzer war bis Juli 2020 ein Projekt von Social Impact und wurde gefördert von der JPMorgan Chase Foundation.