• The Project

    On their way to become self-employed and for the development of new perspectives, ChancenNutzer offers young adults with a migration background space, qualification, contacts and coaching. ChancenNutzer is Germany-wide the first high quality, inclusive offer that accompanies young adults with a migration background to become self-employed as well as actively and holistically supports the development of individual new perspectives.

    The support ranges from ideation, the precise elaboration of the foundation strategy to qualification and coaching as well as support during the Strat-Up- and growth-phase of the entrepreneurial endeavour. Carol Lake, Head of APAC and EMEA Philanthropy JPMorgan Chase Foundation stated: “It is important to us that young adults are given a chance to earn an independent income, be active in the labour market and therefore participate in society and become independent from social transfer”

  • Backround

    The percentage of people with a migration background living in Frankfurt is considerably higher compared to the nationwide average: 51.2 percent of Frankfurters have a migration background – of those almost 30 percent (214,458 = almost every third person of the 736,222 total population) do not have the German citizenship. This group is already the majority among the resident group of people under the age of 25 y.o., Depending on the country of origin, generation of migration and social environment, there are major differences regarding the level of education, German skills, labour participation and the level of integration.

    In December 2013, the official unemployment rate among the immigrant residents in Frankfurt amounted to 11.5 percent, while the unemployment rate among German citizens added up to 7.7 percent. 41.9 percent of all unemployed in Frankfurt don’t own a German passport. The share of unemployed with migration background has not grown separately.

  • Enterprise creation as alternative

    Self-Employment as a way out of unemployment is the focal point of ChancenNutzer. There are no set boundaries for Start-Up ideas, it can be an IT Start-Up, an ice cream parlor or a social enterprise. ChancenNutzer addresses the individual interests, competences and strengths of these young adults and wants to approve their chances to integrate themselves in the labour market and support their individual and economical independence.

ChancenNutzer war bis Juli 2020 ein Projekt von Social Impact und wurde gefördert von der JPMorgan Chase Foundation.